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Storm clouds with a silver lining

I’m going to be taking a bit of a hiatus from the blog, I realize I just started, but I’m also going through some pretty big changes in my life right now.  This last year has been a bit rough.  The company that I work for was bought out, and has been subsequently completely and totally ruined by the new ownership.  It all culminated when I found out that as of September 29th, I basically won’t have a job anymore, all support personal were being turned into contractors.  Basically everyone was having to submit resumes and interview for their jobs all over again.  It’s tough to see a great company that you worked for going on 12 years devolve into total chaos, and watch everyone you’ve worked with over the years drop like flies.

Combine that with that fact that a couple of weeks ago, my big dog Jemma got sick.  We took her to the vet, and they thought she had pneumonia and put her on antibiotics.  A week went by, and she was showing no improvement at all, so back to the vet we went.  They took another x-ray, and her lungs actually appeared to be getting worse.  At this point, the vet started thinking cancer, and sent the x-rays to be reviewed by an actual radiologist.  In the meantime, he switched her to a more powerful antibiotic and also put her on steroids to help with the breathing.  A few more days went by, and while she seemed to feel a little bit better, and was eating more, her breathing was rapidly getting worse.  That’s when the radiologist confirmed that she had lung cancer.

When we adopted her, the rescue told us they thought she was two years old at the time, which would make her 8 years old.  However the radiologist said, judging by bone structure and other things he could see on the x-ray, he believed her to be closer to 12 years old.  The vet told us there was really nothing that could be done, other than palliative care, and at most we probably had a few days to a couple of weeks max with how rapidly it had progressed.  He said she would basically feel as though she were constantly drowning since she was having so much trouble drawing breath.  So I made the decision to euthanize, I just couldn’t put her through that suffering knowing that she couldn’t possibly get better just for the benefit of a little more time.

Since the time that the sale of the company had been announced I had started keeping my eyes open looking for jobs.  As things began to get worse and worse, my search intensified. When I found out I would be converted to a contractor, I started applying to jobs like mad.  It was around this time that I got a call back on a job that I had applied for back in June wanting to know if I was still interested.  After advising that I was, a phone interview was setup.  After going through a brief 30 minute interview, the manager said he wanted to schedule a follow up phone interview with the rest of his team and would have HR contact me to set that up.  The following Monday, I had an email from HR asking when they could fly me out for a face to face, which came as a bit of a surprise.

Long story short, I was offered the job, and accepted.  So my wife and I are going to be packing up and moving eight hours away so I can start a new job in a new city.  So things are just a little bit crazy right now.  I’m trying to finish up the remodeling jobs that were already in progress so we can get our house listed for sale.  We’re also packing everything up little by little, and getting quotes from moving companies.  At the same time, we’re trying to locate a house to rent in the new location.  It seems like a bit of a whirlwind at the moment.

So, for probably the next couple of months I don’t see myself making anymore posts while we get moved and settled in.

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