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Code available on Github

I need some organization in my life.  Specifically script/code organization.  As a result, I decided to start using Git for source control.  What would Git be without his buddy Github for storage?   A single point of failure, that’s what! 

Actual live footage of me using git and github

^ Actual live footage of me using git and github

At the moment, my only publicly available repository is for my Home Assistant configuration.  This is all of the YAML that controls my home automation.  It can be found here.

The next step will be Powershell scripts and modules that I use on a day to day basis.  I’ve accumulated and/or written quite a lot of them in my role as a ConfigMgr Admin/Systems Engineer.  As I get time I’m going to go through these scripts and sanitize the code.  In other words, remove any identifying information, and get rid of hard coded instances of things like site codes.  Replacing these with script parameters will make them much more portable and immediately usable by others in the community.

In addition, I’ve also become a Mac admin, and have been working with Jamf quite a bit lately.  I’m configuring everything from scratch, and learning as I go.  My background in Linux overlaps quite a bit, but there are still many eccentricities to MacOS.  So I intend to start publishing the bash and python scripts that I’m utilizing there as well.

Eventually I should have repos for Home Assistant, Powershell, MacOS, Linux, and Python that are publicly available.  Hopefully someone else can benefit from all of that being in one place and not having to go chase it down from all over the web.  

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