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Choosing an IP Scheme

I recently revamped my home network, and as part of the process decided it was time I created an IP scheme and stuck to it.  I’m sure everyone has been guilty of it at some point.  “It’s just a home network, there will only be a few devices, what does it matter… that ones available.”  Fast forward a decade, and multiple leaps and bounds in available technology, and suddenly you have an absolute mess on your hands.  “What IP did I assign to that thing again?”  Next thing you know, there are 40+ devices with IPs (at least in my case).  After thinking it through, this is the scheme I came up with, maybe it will help someone else out.  It leaves plenty of room for future expansion within this particular scope, and I could always add another subnet if necessary, but don’t see myself ever needing that on a home network.


Network Devices:

IP Address Device Router Wireless AP1 Wireless AP2 Wireless AP3 Reserved For Future Use


IP Address Device Printer 1 Reserved For Future Use

Home Automation Devices:

IP Address Device WeMo Plug Alarm Panel Reserved For Future Use

DHCP Reservation Range (Computers):

IP Address Device Desktop 1 Desktop 2 My Laptop Wife’s Laptop Reserved For Future Use

DHCP Reservation Range (Smart Devices):

IP Address Device TiVO1 TiVO2 TiVO3 SmartTV Reserved For Future Use

DHCP Range:

IP Address Device Various

Temporary/LAB Range:

IP Address Device Reserved For Home Lab/Temporary Devices

Server Static Range:

IP Address Device Reserved For Future Use Ansible Deluge Hypervisor2 IPAM MDT/WSUS DC2 DC1 Unifi Controller Centreon Monitoring Plex Hypervisor1

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